Command and control (C2) is a term originated in the military which is now generically used to describe specialised communications environments associated with military, civil and commercial operations.   A command centre may be the hub of a C2 environment where all critical decisions are made and then dispatched to the field.

A command and control site usually consists of highly trained staff that have access to multiple voice communication paths including telephone lines, intercom facilities and radio frequency communication channels.  Bringing these services together in an operationally effective form factor requires a specialised phone system called a console or turret. The console helps provide information relating to a “crisis” event and this information is used to make “informed” decisions that may result in dispatching mobile resources (e.g. Fire Engine and Ambulances)
Now more than ever, government, security and defence forces demand more cost effective and immediately deployable forms of communication.  As such, all Speakerbus communications solutions are:

  • Robust - Using IP communications a high level of availability can be achieved.
  • Simple – Designed for users who are under pressure in critical situations.
  • Cost effective - commercial, off the shelf technology.
  • Adaptable - Variety of end points can support multiple theatre scenarios or civil applications

Speakerbus have long understood the urgency associated with broadcasting vital, confidential financial information to the right people quickly and efficiently. In response, Speakerbus’ Netted Voice solutions offer persistent, secure, flexible, interoperable communications to these rigorously demanding sectors.
Command Solutions works closely with Speakerbus to install and support these markets.
Some examples of where these console are used:

  • Fire Brigades
  • Police centres
  • Energy Management companies
  • Airline Management centres


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