In today’s complex phone technology there is a mix of Telecom supplier’s / Least cost routing services and Delivery mechanisms ( E.g. VoIP ).

The Soft-ex product suite creates a “dashboard” that allows any company to easily see their Telecom spend per month across these complex technologies.

  • Departmental heads can view their departmental costs
  • IT manager’s can track the spend via each delivery technology (VoIP, mobile or fixed phones) or across the least cost routing options
  • CIO’s can look at ways of reducing their ongoing costs in order to make their company more profitable

Since 2004 Command Solutions have been supplying the Soft-ex product suite within the Asia Pacific Region since 2004. We have over 100 sites installed which are managed remotely.

Our engineers have installed and supported the software since 1998 and have over 10 years hands on experience with this product.

With our Softex products we provide online training using a shared webpage that allows both the user and the trainer to see the same desktop, at the same time the trainer will be on a phone conference with the user. The trainer will then guide the user through a tailored training presentation to suit. We find this to be a very cost effective way to conduct training on the Soft-ex Call Management Software products.

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