Command Solutions engineers have had 15 years experience in supplying and supporting voice recorders for the financial and utilities market of Australia.

Recording phone conversations is justified when there is a need to:
  • Reduce litigation costs associated with the spoken word
  • Minimise and resolve dispute resolution
  • Clarifying "distress" calls for the emergency services
  • Evaluate a company‚Äôs performance on order taking
  • For Malicious call tracing
  • Spot staff improvement opportunities

In all of the above the "clarity" of the phone call is essential and the Electrodata Voice Recorders offer the highest voice quality and most reliable voice reproduction. As well as this, each recorder has a dedicated channel for every call so there is a 100% guarantee that ALL calls are recorded.

Electrodata is a fully owned Australian company with 39 years experience in the voice recording market with the following:
  • Locally based R & D personnel in Sydney that can develop additional features when required.
  • Hardware is based on an open architecture Industrial PC design which ensures longevity.
  • National and Global exported products

Electrodata Recorders are distinguished from other recording platforms by:

  • User Friendly Menus
  • Self Installed 4-16 ports
  • Ease of searching
  • On-Line training
  • Large local storage
  • USB option
  • Channel Checker
  • Call Data statistics in Call Reporter.
  • Replay Options - DVD reply to any PC
  • Anti virus software
  • Customisation to customers needs

WEB PLAYER for Replay audio & video over the internet with :
  • Optional Highly Secure encryption
  • Searching by multiple filters such as Time, date, call data etc
  • Easy to use using a common browser interface as IE or Firefox
  • Can save calls as .wav or .avi anywhere on a network

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