Soft-ex Call
Management Software

  • Soft-ex provides performance data on calls answered, abandoned & ringtimes
  • Call Billing / Accounting on fixed and mobile phones
  • Support over 500 PABX types with very detailed information on Cisco PABXs
  • Alerting (optional) on high volume traffic and high cost calls
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Speakerbus Command Console

  • Speakerbus develops and delivers mission critical voice communications solutions to the most demanding markets
  • Fully IP based architecture which integrates with industry standard SIP-enabled PBX's
  • Speakerbus deliver over-the-horizon communications via IP satellite link or traditional WAN
  • Cost effective - commercial, off the shelf technology (COTS)
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Voice Recorders

  • Electrodata have a proven reliability in the voice recording arena
  • 100% Australian company with excellent audio quality
  • Support and development based in Australia (none of the competitors can offer this).

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Other Services

  • Omnitronics
  • Audio management unit console with 100% clear audio.
  • Integrates radio and phone systems in Emergency centres
  • Plantronics
  • Audio Headsets of the highest quality and functionality
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